Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally, a Show!

After 2 years without a show, I have finally taken the step to get back out there! As a member or PSG (the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths), I had the opportunity to join some outstanding jewelry artists this past weekend for a jewelry trunk show at the Delaware Center for Horticulture. This was a great time for me to pull my work out of hiding, and to begin to develop the new displays that will take me through my shows next year. A big change for me was in not including most of my bead items, which tend to be better sellers than my silver alone. But I did it, and now that I have started, I know I'll keep the momentum going.
There's so much still to be done. Prices need to be figured and tagged (I hate ugly price tags, isn't there a better way?) Chains and neck wires need to be added to the pendants, some color has to be added to the display. And I am determined to create some silver pieces that will use beaded components, so that my beads can come to the shows with me! Lots of work ahead, and it felt so good to take the first step. Too bad that the five pair of silver ginkgo earrings, perfect for a horticulture show, are still sitting half formed on my bench!

One of my favorite parts of this weekend was joining a wonderful metalsmith, Maggi Dabaecke, in her home. Maggi was gracious enough to invite me to stay with her during the show, and what a pleasant evening we had, sharing stories over wine and some fine Italian cheese from her recent trip to Italy. Her home is absolutely beautiful, and her work shop - be still my heart! Bright, airy, modern, and the size of a small classroom.... I still have chills! I was fortunate enough to have taken a workshop with Maggi several years ago, and her work is always exciting, different, and most of all, fun! She has expanded into the realm of enamels, and I can't wait for the workshop she promised us in torch-fired enamels this spring. That's Maggi, on the upper right, with some of her jewelry sculptures - pins and pendants so special, they have a pedestal of their own!

The biggest benefit of this weekend, for me, was in joining the amazing group of artists that is PSG. Experiencing everyone's work was an absolute joy, and provided instant inspiration. The work I saw was full of shape, full of color, complex and dimensional. It was certainly well above the artistic level of the jewelry I see at many craft shows. What a pleasure it was to share the weekend with such craftsmen! In between customers, we had the opportunity to talk, compare ideas, share notes, and trade information. I came home with my head so full of the beautiful work I had seen, that I can't wait to see the effect it has on my own creations!My thoughts are awhirl with images of texture, color, metals, and shapes. Who knows what the results might be?