Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treasury Widget!

Ever see an Etsy Treasury?
They have come up for me as delightful little surprises over the last few years. Among others, my Spiral Geometry Bracelet, Fusion Tree Brooch, and little Black Dress Pendant have all been treasured by Etsy members.

Today. I learned how to include some of these treasuries in my blog! You can click on these treasury images and go right to the actual treasuries, visit the shops, and see what other treasures await in the artist's shops.

 Etsy Treasuries happen when an Etsyer decides to create a collection of favorite Etsy items, usually centered around a theme. Out of the blue, I have gotten notices that someone has chosen one of my jewelry items to include in their Etsy Treasury. What a really lovely compliment!

 Whether you are a seller or buyer, treasuries are a fun way to browse the many handcrafted items on Etsy, and to check out the work that others admire.

Have you ever been "treasured" on Etsy? Here's how you can include treasuries on your own blog - it's easy!

Want to find some treasuries to browse? Go to www.etsy.com/treasury/
Look around and enjoy!