Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Company!

I was busy through the 1st of December, choosing the pieces and creating the display for a show I have been privilged to be a part of. This is another show hosted and supported by the wonderful and talented folks at PSG (PA Society of Goldsmiths). When I arrived at the location, Temple Keneseth Israel in Philadelphia, I thought I was hallucinating from sleep deprivation. Sure, I was hoping for a nice place, I had heard they had a gallery. But this place couldn't possibly be right. Would a temple really take up a city block? I entered to find a granite and marble reception area remniscent of an art museum. Obviously, I must have made an error. That's easy to understand. You see, setting up for this show should have been easy. We can set up a whole booth in a few hours, right? How long could it take to arrange some jewelry in 3 of PSG's ubiquitous black frames? No more than a couple of hours, I was sure. Oops. 21 hours and no sleep later, I only had a 2-1/2 hour drive to Philly, and then I would finally be done. It was easy to understand why I might have taken a wrong turn. Amazingly, there was the gallery, and what a beautiful space! And there were the members of PSG, velcroing and arranging, hanging the frames that have become identified with the group. It must be the place after all!

A couple of hours later, all of the black frames were hung, the artists names were in place, the glass cases were locked, and we stepped back to take in the whole picture. to me, this was just irresistable. The quality and variety of the work was astounding. To see all of this work hung in one place gave me flutters! (Or was that the fourth cup of coffee?) Check out some of the photos to get an idea of the breadth and quality that PSG artists are capable of!

The following Sunday, we all joined together for the opening and artist's reception. Hors devoirs and quality art jewelry - is there a better combination? It was great fun to meet with all of the other artists, and to get to know the temple director and meet some of the members. Quite a few pieces had already been sold, and we got right to work. I saw pieces being wrapped up steadily, and I helped to make a few sales as well, if I do say so myself. Many PSG artists donated a piece to the temple's fundraising silent auction, and I can't wait to see how much they raise. With several activities taking place that same day in its various auditoriums, it's obvious that this temple is a vital and vibrant presence in the community, and well appreciated by its members.

So it wasn't a case of sleep deprivation after all. And it turns out that 20 hours isn't all that unusual to create the displays for these events. Well, I'm forewarned for next time. I won't wait until the last day. I will plan, and prepare early, and.... yeah, right. Okay. It's late. I think it's that sleep deprivation thing again. Time to sleep, and dream of the beautiful pieces hanging there.