Thursday, February 17, 2011


A wood stove is a wonderful thing. The wood warms you up again and again, way before you ever burn it. Stacking it is always a good warming workout. If you're cold, go out and stack the wood. You'll be sweating before long. Every couple of days, you have to bring in loads inside, to stack near the wood stove. That'll warm yer jets. Back when we used to cut it and split it, it just warmed us up all dang autumn!

This was home two weeks ago, on yet another snow day. The wood was all stacked, the stove was up and roaring, the house was toasty, and the snow was falling.

I love to sit in a rocker by the fire with a good book. Or knitting. All those wicker baskets are full of yarn (and a few half done projects. I'll admit it.)

 For a city girl from Brooklyn, this is a really good day. Cozy. Warming.

Think about warmth.
What warms you up?