Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Stones, New Design Inspirations

  I picked up a small haul of new stones this past weekend, and  I decided that for a change, instead of pricing them and putting them away, I 'm going to put them on my bench and get to work on them immediately. Woo hoo, that motivation worked! 
I didn't even get all of them in this photo, some of them were AWOL on my bench in the happy design party that followed! I discovered whole new crop of ideas. Here are some of the new pieces I have been working on. 
I'm looking at some new chains, maybe with some stones interspersed in the links. I'm also considering some really cool clasps for this gorgeous new necklace. The silver components will get some patina, and then we'll see. I am really excited to come up with some more really cool designs. Some single components are going to make some kick-butt necklaces with more of the new stones. I want at least one of these for myself!
Coming soon: some more new pieces with these stones - check back soon to see.