Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cathedral of the Forest

In the cathedral
Of the forest it stood
Awaiting the spring.

Sometimes I see winter in this little piece, sometimes spring, and sometimes fall.
But today, I stand in the forest, awaiting spring. I can feel it, I can smell it.
The geese have returned, the crocuses are barely pushing out of the earth.
The forest seems to hold it's breath. Together, we wait.

The forest at my back door.
For me, the forest is the only cathedral.
It is in the forest that I seek spiritual communion.
It was in the forest that I took my wedding vows.
Several years later, we moved to the forest, where I am happy.

I am thinking about making a series of these pieces. Quiet pierced trees on a variety of backgrounds. Or maybe exploring the forest as a cathedral. As soon as the mucky ground dries, I'll take a walk out back, in the forest. Let's see what develops.

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