Thursday, March 24, 2011

So this is Spring. I think.

Weather has been strange all over. I'm  in the Poconos, where it was 70 lovely degrees just 5 days ago. Yesterday, we got a foot of new snow, and we've had our 2nd (YES, 2ND!) snow day this week, with a 2 hour delay for schools this morning due to the extra snow that fell overnight! I know winter just loves to have his last hurrah, but....really.

I'm cozy and warm inside, recovering from arthroscopic surgery for my knee. It's been a week, and I am just amazed at how fast and painless the whole procedure was for me. I'm told I'm lucky, and I surely do feel that way. I mean - surgery- and no pain! I didn't even bother with the pain killers, there wasn't any to kill! Maybe now I'll enjoy hiking this summer with my family, and be able to do snappy roundhouse kicks (I never could before, but I can dream, right?)  In between rousing rounds of physical therapy, let me show off some of the pieces that will be coming to Etsy on FRIDAY (that's tomorrow)!

I'm so proud to include this Silver Vine Necklace in this latest Etsy release! I haven't put one of these up on Etsy in quite some time. This is a very special piece, an original design featuring a silver vine centerpiece with leaves, suspended from a wavy vine necklace. It looks like it was found in a silver forest.

Treasure in the Desert was built around this baby geode of natural black quartz crystals. The silver pendant  makes me think of wind, dunes, and shifting sands, with far clouds in the distance .It was was textured with a hand-cut dye made especially for this piece.

Below are Textures Earrings. 'Textures' is something I hope to see a lot more of. I plan to make a series based on these earrings, exploring different textured backgrounds set in interesting shapes.

That's all for now. Waiting for the melt, the sun, and the healing.

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